• Improve access to health care and social services

    As an executive member of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and National Indian Health Board, Nate has played a role in approving access to healthcare for marginalized communities, including veterans and their families. Nate is 100 percent pro-choice and will urge increasing access to reproductive care in rural and remote communities.

  • Improving Public Safety

    Rural communities are stretched for resources, and that is very apparent with our emergency services. We need more first responders who are a part of the community. Nate is committed to hiring more personnel and gaining more resources for our officers and first responders so that they can better do their jobs.

  • Restore and protect public lands

    Nate collaborated with conservationists and outdoor sportsmen and women on the Great American Outdoors Act to restore and improve federal lands and waters. Nate will work with local and national leaders to revitalize and protect WA State’s natural lands and resources so that our communities have clean air and water. 

    As extreme weather conditions become recurring, Nate is also committed to protecting our waters and building up our mitigation plans. Neah Bay, part of the 24th, is home to the emergency response tug boat because of its key location for the U.S. and Canada commerce and industry. There is more we can do to ensure people and the environment are safe from climate change’s impacts and other natural disasters.

  • Securing benefits for struggling veterans

    Nate organized and advocated for better veteran care, and as a result, VA hospitals flipped their 70 percent disapproval rate to an 80 percent approval rate. There’s still more that our state can do and Nate will be the leader veterans need.

  • Increasing our affordable housing supply and shelters

    All across our state, people struggle to find a home or housing assistance, and that is especially hard in the Olympic Peninsula. Creating more housing can address other issues afflicting Washingtonians, such as addiction and affordability. With people having roofs over their heads, they’re able to find stability in all facets of their lives.

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